ENACTEST partners are currently immerse into research work that will be base for the project future results. As you already know, our project was born out of the idea that, while being a capital area in software development, testing is not being currently well taught in the different VET and HEI institutions treating with it.

Software solutions, coding and programming are among the professional activities in which innovation is more of a constant. This innovative character represents an advantage when considering how many problems are solved or new services are offered on daily basis, but also a challenge when assessing the needs for training and education of new professionals: how to develop a flexible – yet consistent – strategy in which new methodologies and practices can keep being incorporated to an already vast field of knowledge? How to ensure that students, professors and professionals of all areas around software development manage to keep up with the last trends, which steadily emerge from all regions of the world, day after day, nonstop?

People all around the world keep having bright ideas to develop innovative solutions

The challenge seems way too large to be grasped. However, we have a solution. Several, in fact. Helped by EU funding, ENACTEST will produce a series of ‘capsules’, practical exercises specifically designed to help students (and professionals) to further develop their software-testing skills. These capsules do not aim to affect the educational curricula on software testing, but to be incorporated to them in a seamless way, thus complementing the didactical path chosen by each institution. The multinational character of the project consortium, together with the diverse profiles of the institutions integrated into it, ensure the versatility of our final results and make possible their present and future success.

How to collaborate?

Currently, our research is focused on two fronts: students and industry. To better help our students in their way to software testing proficiency, we need to identify the different skills-gaps that they face when incorporating to the labour market. Which are the industry needs? Which are, currently, the average graduate capabilities?

Do you want to help us? We need information! Either a student, either a professional on the different software industries, we want to talk to you! As a student, what are your main pain points with regard to software testing? As a professional or representative of a company, what skill do you need represents an added value on testing software solutions? What did you learn, through countless trial and error experiences, that you would have loved someone to teach you while under formation?

We would love to hear from you! Contact us!

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