Despite having started roughly five months ago, ENACTEST’s first face-to-face meeting is having place this week, 9th and 10th of January, at the facilities of the Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain), who is coordinating the project and hosting the first and last meetings.

This is an exciting moment for all partners, who have been keeping regular meetings to keep track of the works that started since September, moment in which the Kick Off Meeting had to be set online. Finally, they will have a chance to meet in person, with all the positive impact that represents for any international cooperation project, especially for the ones with such an ambitious proposal as ENACTEST!

One of ENACTEST most important results will be the elaboration of knowledge ‘capsules’, practical exercises which can be seamlessly integrated into the different software-testing curricula to ensure that students receive the best possible education on such an important matter as software testing is.

For that, the partners are researching and analysing the industry needs, the students’ requirements and the VET and HEIs existing offers to identify the existing skills gaps and solve them. All of this because software testing is of key importance in a society surrounded by digital solutions, online platforms or cloud computing, but it is not being well taught.

And we will change that!

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