ENACTEST project has reached a new milestone, after the participation of one of our partners in the CPS (Cyber-Physical System) competition held at the 16th International Workshop on Search-Based and Fuzz Testing (SBFT), at the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) 2023. This competition aims for defining motivating approaches for supporting testing learning, an educational challenge that is often undersestimated.

ENACTEST researcher Anna Rita Fasolino, from the University of Napoli Federico II, participated in this competition together with students of the Master Degree in Computer Engineering from the same University. The students had the opportunity to learn and experiment with search-based testing techniques and to propose an automated testing tool, called Spirale, that uses a genetic algorithm to generate test scenarios consisting in virtual roads for testing ADS (Autonomous Driving Systems).

The experience with Spirale showed the feasibility and usefulness of alternative learning practices, like competition and gamification, also in the context of search-based testing learning.

Read more about Spirale in the paper above:  “Spirale at the SBFT 2023 Tool Competiton -Cyber-Physical Systems Track”, by Domenico De Vivo and Anna Rita Fasolino.

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